Estancia Vik Jose Ignacio

Estancia Vik Jose Ignacio promises the adventure of Uruguays traditional ranch experience and stunning nature, the splendor of South Americas finest beaches, the thrill of parties that outlast the sunrise, all amid the comfort, sophistication, and aesthetic magnificence of an estancia hotel beyond compare. Estancia Vik Jose Ignacio: a luxury travel experience until now simply unavailable at any price.

The Estancia

At Estancia Vik Jose Ignacio all common rooms border patios that bring light and space to every corner of the estancia building. This open architecture scheme of patios, gallerias and windows creates 360-degree views from virtually every location.

The Living Room

Painted by Clever Lara, one of Uruguays foremost artists, the Google-earth inspired 18-foot high ceiling and frieze of paintings fill the 3000 square foot surface of the living room. Eight enormous semi-precious Uruguayan geodes natures art hang along the walls. World-renowned sculptor Pablo Atchugarrys three and a half meter, four ton white statuary sculpture presides over the immense space, acting as the axis for the building, while each end of the living room boasts 18 foot high fireplaces of natural red Uruguayan stone designed by architect Marcelo Daglio.

The Dining Room

The Dining rooms design with beautiful Lapacho wood floors, brick vaulted walls and ceiling combines modern elegance with a true Uruguayan traditional feel.

Wine Cellar

The vaulted wine cellar and dining room were created over nine months using local brick painstakingly filled and fit without the use of grout. This dramatic room plays host to a variety of South Americas finest wines, and with room for over 5000 bottles, our guests are assured to find a wine to fit their taste.


The Parillero offers views of the herb and vegetable garden to the north and the patio to the south. Constructed of undulating tin siding inspired by the humble shacks found wherever the gauchos roamed, Marcelo Legrand contemporized the space by painting the paneled chapa walls in his colorful, chaotic, abstract style. The energy evoked by Legrands art makes this a lively place to spend time. Sit at either the four and a half meter long cinnamon wood table or the organically shaped handmade Elm Burl wood tables and enjoy the freshest homegrown organic vegetables and finest beef in the world.

Game Room

The Game Room is accented by a polished monochromatic wood sculpture by Roberto Piriz which towers, pristinely symbolic, above the horizontal slate fireplace, and a floor-to-ceiling wall sculpture ingeniously assembled by Jose Pelayo using discarded construction scraps, evoking the grit within the estancias masterful construction.

Gym & Spa

At Estancia Vik Jose Ignacio, comfort and luxury are expected and indulgence is encouraged. Estancia Vik offers a gym where you are surrounded by large murals by artist Jose Trujillo and beautiful views of the landscape and a spa to help you unwind after the days adventure. Featuring a range of equipment including an elliptical machine, tread mill, strength training machine, free weights and spinning cycle as well as a sauna/steam, personalized yoga instruction and spa treatments the facilities will complete your work out and relaxation needs.


TThe scene that awaits you as you enter the gates into Estancia Viks grass covered North Garden is the Uruguayan Absolute Nero granite reflecting pool. Beyond the pool stands Pablo Atchugarrys abstract and sensual monumental sculpture sitting at the central point of the living room. Four native Ibirapita trees, the tree of Uruguays liberator and founder, Jose Gervasio Artigas, frame the reflecting pool. Along with the gardenia bushes, bougainvillea is planted on the north wall and promises to fill the entry with its showy, vibrant flowers.
Estancia Vik is making every effort to bring organic freshness to the table with the use of fresh produce from our garden.
At either side of the South Garden, the galleries offer shade where lounge furniture awaits guests in search of a place to read, nap or enjoy a drink by the pool. In the evenings fiber optic lights illuminate the granite swimming pool with reflections of the constellations of the Southern Hemisphere above. From this vantage point he views of the Arroyo, rolling prairie and Laguna are spectacular!


The East Patio sits between the Parillero and the Game Room and leads to the Ochre Wing of Estancia Vik. The tall red wood and metal sculpture by Jose Pelayo sits in one corner and the black metal vertical sculpture by German Cabrera sits opposite like gauchos standing guard.
With the Uruguayan slate and wood floor and its colors of the earth and the sunset, the West Patios alludes to the end of the day. It is home to two powerful sculptures by Ricardo Pascale and Alejandro Turell. Relax and read a book in the oversized wicker chairs or dine in the fresh evening air of Jose Ignacio outside of the main dining room. The West Patio leads to the Blue Wing, the color of the evening sky.


Colorist Carlos Musso painted Estancia Viks magnificent romantic chapel in his vibrant color chromatic style. This powerful yet small chapel made of mud and wood is harmoniously integrated into its surroundings, ensconced in ancient trees and lulled by the glorious chorus of bird song and cattle low.


The Galpon with its charming gravel and cobblestone center courtyard sits apart from the main estancia building and serves as additional special event space, polo pony stalls, and charming apartments.

Things We Do

In this place where Marlboro country meets St Tropez of times past, Estancia Vik Jose Ignacio offers the ultimate Uruguayan experience. Visitors enjoy horse riding, bird watching, nature exploration, playing polo on the Estancias private polo field, hiking, mountain biking, canoeing, fishing, swimming, surfing, kite surfing, water skiing, tennis and golf, as well as a gym and wellness spa. Only minutes away, guests find trendy restaurants, art galleries, funky boutiques and nightlife. In a style only seen in Uruguay, relax over a long lunch of fresh fish and mojitos at a casual seaside restaurant, watch the sun disappear beyond a deserted beach, or party into the morning with South Americas beautiful people. If you must WIFI is available throughout the Estancia! Whatever you desire is here for you, all while you discover the extraordinary land that is Uruguay.


Nature abounds on Estancia Vik Jose Ignacio. Take a canoe trip on the Arroyo de Jose Ignacio and see the fish jumping above the water in front of you. As you travel along, stop to watch flocks of the pinkest flamingos you could ever imagine gathered on a sand bar alongside huge white egrets and a variety of other exotic birds. As the flamingos take flight know that you have landed in a paradise that few have ever experienced. Ride one of the Estancias stable of Uruguayan Criollo horses out over the landscape to the Laguna and find yourself cantering alongside South American Ostrich who will undoubtedly outrun you! Stop and pick up an ostrich egg the size of a small football, discover a variety of animal bones or watch an armadillo bound for cover! The Laguna Jose Ignacio also boasts some of the finest fishing in the area.


At Estancia Vik Solar tubes are being utilized to produce heat, wind power for needed electricity, thermal energy and heat pumps to heat and air condition, and rainwater is collected and utilized for irrigation. Additionally, there are fireplaces in each room providing additional warmth and ambience. At Estancia Vik Jose Ignacio, we pride ourselves on our energy autonomy.

Organic Herb

Located outside of the Barbeque and the North Garden herbs and vegetables are planted in a symmetrical pattern reflecting art in nature. The temperate climate of Uruguay makes it possible to produce fresh produce throughout the year.


Estancia Vik stretches out along the northern edge of the Laguna de Jos Ignacio for many kilometers and to the west of the Arroyo de Jose Ignacio with 1,400 hectares of spectacular rolling land which gently slopes down to the Laguna and Arroyo. Herds of horses, cattle and sheep freely roam the land alongside wild ostrich, fox, armadillo and a host of other indigenous animals. The private residence hotel is located on a high point of the estancia, with grand and expansive views out over the Laguna and the Southern Atlantic Ocean.


Maximiliano Broquen
General Manager
Estancia Vik Jose Ignacio. Camino Eugenio Saiz Martinez, Kilometro 8
Jose Ignacio, Maldonado, Uruguay
Tel: +598 (94) 60 5212 605 314

Guest Rooms

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